Diamond Gloss® by Ziebart is paint protection coating that will give your ride a stunning, glossy shine every day.


The road can lead us to a wide number of places, not all of which are great for your car’s paint. From road debris to the wear and tear of everyday driving, any number of things can put a blemish on your car’s perfect exterior. Diamond Gloss® Paint Protection allows you to drive with confidence.

Unlike over-the-counter waxes and polishes, Diamond Gloss® stands the test of time and provides you with a showroom shine every morning. Resin-based and designed to work with your car’s paint, not just on it, Diamond Gloss® is the industry standard in paint protection.

If you want your car to look even better than the day you signed the papers, speak with your local Ziebart dealer on what Diamond Gloss® can do for you.


Check Car

Each car will be checked by our engineers. This aims to prevent communication errors. For example, a car that came there was already damaged, where the damage was not from us.

Deep Clean

Then the car is washed completely. Starting from the front to the back. Even the smallest parts.

Foundation Layer

In this step the car will be given a basic layer of coating. It is very important to make a good foundation layer for the next step.

Diamond Gloss (Nano Tech) Protective Layers

In the last step the car will be given a diamond gloss (nano tech).


  • Melindungi cat dari cuaca buruk bahkan hujan asam yang berakibat cat menjadi kusam
  • Sinar ultra violet
  • Uap garam
  • Noda air kotor
  • Kotoran burung
  • Polusi
  • Getah pohon
  • Lumpur dan kotoran lain
  • Lebih tahan terhadap gores
  • Untuk warna gelap lebih berkilau


  • Polymeric Resin – Solvent Blend (Hard coating)

Proses poles menggunakan orbital waxer dengan bahan silicone free scracth-N Swirl remover/foam polishing pad glaze/rubbing compound