An Efficient Auto Detailing Combination

Inner-Guard® PLUS service is designed to provide a full complement of outstanding solutions to your vehicle all at once. Our Inner-Guard® PLUS service includes:

Ziebart Fabric Protection:

An effective seal against unwanted staining that resists oil, grease, and a variety of liquids and makes cleaning up after a spill simple.

Ziebart Leather Conditioner:

Protects your vehicle’s leather surfaces from cracking or fading, ensuring its color and soft feel for up to six months.

Ziebart Germ Defender®:

Protects against a number of germs, bacteria and microbes that lead to illnesses such as Staph, E. Coli, Salmonella, H1N1 (Swine Flu), and more for up to three months.

Each of these products is dedicated to not only helping preserve your vehicle’s interior, but also provides a clean setting for you and your family with each drive.

The Best Protection In One Treatment

Our skilled technicians carefully apply all of these products to your car or truck’s interior, coating even the hard-to-reach areas. In just one appointment, your vehicle will be protected from the harsh sun damage, germs, wear-and-tear and more. The Inner-Guard® PLUS package also includes an annually renewable discounted service agreement so you can keep your vehicle clean at an affordable price.

If you have questions about how Inner-Guard® PLUS can help keep your vehicle protected against life’s mishaps, meet with a Ziebart professional today to go over all of the details.

Apa saja yang termasuk Inner Guard?

  1. Membersihkan kulit/kain jok, plafon dan trim yang kotor terutama pada interior berwarna terang. Menyedot debu dan memberikan lapisan coating untuk perlindungan pada vinyl dashboard dan trim kendaraan anda.
  2. Membersihkan debu dan oli yang menempel pada ruang mesin dan memberi lapisan pelindung sehingga ruang mesin anda seperti kendaraan saat baru keluar lini produksi.
  3. Menghapus segala kontaminan (kotoran burung, getah pohon, oksidasi/jamur, aspal, dll) biasanya kerak air dan jamur pada sela-sela emblem, engsel, kaca sehingga tidak ada kotoran/kontaminan yang tertinggal.
  4. Menghapus jamur yang menyebabkan kaca menjadi kusam dan berbercak sehingga dapat mengganggu visibilitas terutama saat hujan.

Perbedaan Inner Guard & Inner Clean